Vintage Elm Stool

Vintage Elm Stool


Vintage Elm Stool, approx 100 years old. Our perfectly  imperfect antique, gnarly, weathered elm stools are handpicked by us. Each one is very different from the rest with an idiosynchratic,  individualised personality and look that is all their own. We use them at home in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and lounge areas as side tables, towel storage and sometimes extra seating. We have a vast collection of these stools available so not all of them are visible on the website. If you wish to purchase, we can email photographs of individual stools to you for your perusal in order for you to choose your own. Alternatively we could collate a collection of stools for you ourselves to send to you if a large number are to be purchased. Either way, you will be receiving beautiful and unique items which will bring vintage rustic style to any discerning home.

Due to the size and weight of the stools we will have to charge more than the standard postage for these items so please contact us for a quote.

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