Melt Candle - Saddle

Melt Candle - Saddle


Luxury Scented Handmade Candles by Melt

With a passion for hot wax & fine fragranced luxury scented candles (the exquisite perfumes that you would choose to wear yourself & that we love to blend for you to use in your home), we have been hand-pouring our scented candles in the heart of the beautiful Ribble Valley since 1999. Each candle takes up to 36 hours to produce – resulting in a unique & beautifully fragranced candle - an ideal relaxing accessory for your home. Each candle fragrance is available in a jar, travel tin or pillar.

Fragrance is rightly known for turning your mood & creating the right ambience for your surroundings & our preferred choice is always elegant, sophisticated, a tad refined, confident & slightly sexy!


Or, as some splendid newspaper of note said, “recherché” ( yes! We had to look it up too…)

Thank you FT Weekend Magazine… we LIKE that!

  • Because we just do! And if you adore the rich, warm notes offered up by Sandalwood, Cedar, Moss & Amber, then you will love this range of scented candles too.

    Our Saddle fragrance has quite some following amongst you – and for good reason.

    Simply put smells like it should. You’ll know what we mean when you try it.

    We promise you won’t be disappointed.