Asportuguesas Base Flip Flops

Asportuguesas Base Flip Flops


Base Flip Flops in Red.


ASPORTUGUESAS are a new footwear concept that was born with the purpose of creating quality, sustainable & eco-friendly footwear. They are proud to be the world’s first Cork flip-flops brand, using a 100% natural raw material that is born from a tree and retrieved every nine years without the tree ever being cut. They are inspired by Nature, and with their unique choice of Natural & Recycled materials they are committed in giving back!

Wearing ASPORTUGUESAS is a step towards a more sustainable future. The environment’s preservation is as important as the creation of good footwear. From the choice of materials to the way they produce and communicate their products, they do everything to use the least amount of natural resources as possible. By purchasing ASPORTUGUESAS you are taking this trip with us, not only in style and comfort, but also with the certainty that you are contributing to create a greener planet.


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